melissa zook

Melissa Zook grew up on her grandparents' farm in rural Pennsylvania. Working with her hands came easily to Melissa and much of her free time was spent on artistic endeavors. Eventually, Melissa made her way to Rhode Island School of Design for photography and later moved to New York to attend graduate school at Pratt Institute where she earned a Masters Degree in Industrial Design. But the jewelry courses she took on the side were where she derived the most satisfaction, and Melissa soon returned to her first love.

Her career as a jewelry designer began when she stumbled upon her mother's long-forgotten collection of deerskin hides in the family's attic. She began experimenting with what she had found and soon discovered a life-long passion.

Melissa's current collection juxtaposes the vivid colors and static lines of the urban landscape with the soft textures and graceful fluidity of the organic form. All pieces are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.